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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

For Cindy and Dave

Sending a bit of nature with healing thoughts and love.

To Market, To Market

At the first of the month I joined the Nisqually Land trust in a Scots (scotch) Broom pull on the Van Eaton property in Eatonville.  We were blessed, yet again, with fair weather for the duration of the three hours duty. 

Most of the short greenery is Scots Broom.  You can see people in and around it.

This property we have visited before and the previous two work parties had largely cleared out the majority of Broom.  The remaining plants on worker referred to as "Old Growth" Scots Broom.  Boy was he right!

The plants were tall and their bases, stout.  It was quickly apparent that we would have to tackle the plants in teams of two and three.  We used root jacks to up-end some of the brush shrubs.  Other plants required saws to pare down the bases so the jacks could get around them.  Many we had to grub into the roots with hands and tackle them below the ground level.

The soil was very soft, a saving grace.  There were several volunteers from the high school and one found this little Salamander during her efforts.

She was careful to place the little one safely out of harms way.  The students were very interested in the conservation work along the river.  Leaders from the Land Trust were very willing to spend extra time answering their questions. 

After the work party I paid a visit to the Olympia Farmers Market.  Along the way I spotted Santa and his hitch of eight RainDeeres

All the usual vendors were busy.  This market has many local food stalls.  The apple vendor had many varieties I have never heard of

The meat looked wonderful, very well marbled and not stuck under plastic

The biggest crowd, understandably, at Wagner's Bakery.

I worked with Mr Wagners sister many years ago.  My first experience with home made sauerkraut was his.  It converted me to always adding caraway seed to my store bought kraut.  For this I thank him.

Last Sunday I went into Seattle early to see the runners for the Jingle Bell Run.  Once again there was a huge crowd

but I was disappointed to not see as many people in really far out costumes this year.  Overall it felt sort of quiet and not quite as jolly.

Pike Place Market was really busy, far more so than it was last year.  The vendors were hard at work and ready to pounce on anyone taking notice.  I found some unique preserved strawberries that I am going to try in my favorite scone recipe. 

The market is such a wonderful, visual place

Who can resist the neon

I could not resist stopping and watching the donut machine

and had to breeze through DeLaurenti http://www.delaurenti.com/

The craft folks were just setting up.  I always find things I would really love to have ( I don't NEED another purse) and little hidden surprises, like this hand painted column,  everywhere.