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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Welcome Fall

Monumental rain records being set with high winds 50 mph plus tonight.  The saturated ground brings promise of a lot of tree toss. 

I am recovering from a nasty cold and took a short walk this morning before the afternoon storms arrive.  In the woods plenty of evidence of broken limbs and leaves and mosses tossed about.

Fall is mushroom time and this is when hunters seek their bounty.  I saw some pretty awesome Lobster Mushrooms while at the beach and had chanterelles on toast for dinner one night.

Today the mushrooms in the woods are bursting forth.  Many look like the downpour of rain has done them in.  snapped off stalks and caps beaten apart.  The Douglas Squirrels will have a lot of work to hang and dry their foraged mushrooms.  That is if it dries up for a few more weeks.

This monster was and example of how big some of the mushrooms are getting.  I am not 100% sure but I think this is a white chanterelle

Not that impressed.  This is the same mushroom holding my phone.

All over small dainty brown umbrella type mushrooms mixed with Big Leaf Maple Leaves.  This log held an array of little mushrooms.  These are slightly soft to the touch and when they become mature a pore will open on the top.  After that they will puff out their spores when rain or falling leaves touch them.

This white gilled cap is being eaten by a Banana Slug.  Go Sluggy!

Little coral-like fingers push up.  I like the large corals that grow east of the mountain.  Those are tasty eating, though messy to clean.

have the spare batteries at the ready for any power outage that might strike.  Heaven forbid it strike when the series finale of Breaking Bad is on tonight.

Last Sunset of Summer

Summer sort of escaped while my back was turned.

Too many weekends stopping by work