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Monday, August 24, 2009

Trail and Error

Being self taught in many things means tackling this Blog business is going to be trial and error.

So here are a few pictures from my hike yesterday. I am trying to figure out the crazy formatting and layout issues with the picture insert.

Deer fern . This was a dominant fern along the trail inside the woods. They are so very clean and elegant in their structure.

This was the view on top of a large boulder. A mix of moss and lichen. I was struck by the little red fruits. This is Lipstick Cladonia a lichen. I believe the white "tree" behind it is Common Christmas Tree lichen. It reminds me of some bizarre Dr Seuss village. The lipsticks are about 3/4 inch high.

The berry of the Queens Cup lily was difficult to photograph because the blue was so shiny

I was surprised to see how this photograph turned out. The boulder slope in the shade really made for an interesting background to the Red Elder.

It would not be a proper photo essay without a little bit of bug action.

Well a little glitch between the Queens cup and the Elder but better than usual.

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