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Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Gentle Walk to Work Out the Kinks

A little four mile ramble to get the muscles and joints recovered from yesterdays extra long hike. I got a late start after a long morning of noodling with my pictures and writing the last entry. I decided to just go up the road a ways to the Watershed Park. I wrote about this park on Christmas Day 2009.

I decided to take both of my cameras today and just play around with pictures. I walked the length of the park to the far corner where I knew there was a large pond. Near the entrance of the park there is a small pond and I was happy to get this shot of a Pond Lily.

I found a feather I believe is a filoplume from a Great Blue Heron.

Folks bring their horses to this park. I recognize this "cute look" a mile off.

The woods were strangely quite. No bird song, not many people about.

Mr Banana was heading eastbound on my trip in. Coming out of the trails I swear I encountered him heading west.

I like how someone placed this lost hat on a signpost. Perhaps its owner will return. That is a little fishing fly stuck in by the tie cord.

I found a lot of Trailing Blackberry, our true native blackberry. They are so small and so hard to harvest in bulk.

By the time I got out to the far pond the sun was trying to break through the clouds. It was odd for the clouds were casting an odd pinkish glow. I am pretty pleased with this photo of the sun reflection in the pond water and the shadow of a Vine Maple going across the surface. The sky color is due to forest fires in the Interior BC. The air flow from their is reported to be causing this effect and from the weather satelites the whole of interior Puget Sound is covered in this haze. Should be a great sunset!

Lovely local woods.

Thanks to all my regular readers for the nice comments!!!
To my OLDER sister who chooses to make comments in private
ALL snakes are beautiful in my eyes, so poop on you!
and the comment about the skunk cabbage... flimsy excuse, back then I wasn't a nature nut



  1. Lovely pictures,Marti - sounds like a lovely place. I'm with you, too, on snakes. I think they are beautiful.

  2. You live among such beauty. That was a lovely walk, and the picture of the feather was exquisite. I did, though, have to laugh at a four mile walk being a short one. Maybe if you were riding that horse.

  3. I just left a comment that I think got lost, so here I am again: I love the photo of the feather -- pure poetry. You are such a poetic photographer and so skilled too.