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Saturday, September 25, 2010

It Is Over

Without a doubt, it is over.

Everything was wet and soggy. I got a late start and still , dew covers everything. There is a chill this mid-morning. The Mountain Ash prepared for happy Robins to dine.

Flowers from earlier have disappeared. In their place, fruit and seed pods

even orchids produce some seeds.

Bog Orchis

Western Coralroot

The dogwood related Bunchberry shows you why it has that name.

Mushrooms are around, but I am not seeing the sought after King Bolete or Chanterelles.

Just little fairy umbrellas

and interesting purple ones

purple just "don't seem natural"

It was a lovely day

But it just feels over.

Small flocks of pee-d-pee-ding kinglets and chickadees. They are friends again and will spend the winter in feeding guilds. These flocks bring safety. More eyes against the predators.

Alas it is over. No Blueberries nor Huckleberries to gather. I came up here just to get them, but they probably never really were here. Last year my spot yielded a bounty. This year the spot has a few sad berries that taste of sour water. No sweetness.

Leave them for the wildlife and wish them well

Summer, it does not feel like it was really here, this year.

Now it is over.


  1. You don't get Indian Summer up there? It came to the canyon with a vengence yesterday. Around 100 during the day and in the 30s at night. Soon, soon fall will be here for real though and I, for one, cannot wait.--Inger

  2. We do indeed have wonderful Indian Summers

    in normal years

    this has not been a normal year. It was warm all winter and we had late snows in the mountains. Summer never really showed up with extended sunny days.

    September has been very wet and where we usually have sunny days with temps in the 70's they have barely shown up. Saturday was such a day but a singular day.

    It is gray dreary and wet, weather usually reserved for November through April