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Monday, May 9, 2011

Kubota Garden in the Spring

I took advantage of a relatively mild day and visited Kubota Garden. I have not seen this lovely place in the early Spring. I also had "garden" as a topic for my monthly scavenger hunt. This seemed the best place to be. It was a tough choice but the view of Mr Kubotas Heart Bridge was my favorite shot.

I arrived quite early and there were already many cars in the parking lot. I noted that there had been a sale the previous day. I am sorry to have missed that as there is certainly someone I could have bought a pretty plant for. The Kubota Foundation raises money to help support the park and they also need to gather volunteers to take care of the hours upon hours of weeding and maintenance that this park deserves. Next weekend is a Japanese Maple Festival with lectures and tours.

I was dazzled by the variety of maples and astonished at how many of them come into their leaves without green color. This lovely maple near the Heart Bridge was stunning in the weak sun glow.

Takes my breath away.

Last October, when I visited it was green.

Some maples have variegated leaves, others have dramatic bark colors.

There was a lot of blooms both small flowers and big trees. As expected many Azaleas and Rhodies. Some were already past bloom, but some are quite tightly budded and will be wonderful in a week. I had a bit of fun capturing rain drops on different subjects.

Hosta is coming up everywhere.

There were a lot of forget-me-not and a large purple flower that is in the same family as our native Self-heal. I rounded a corner and was greeted by this.

A Purple Tide. It made me think of waves.

This Song Sparrow could not stop singing.

I could not possibly grow tired of this place. It is ever changing.


  1. Wonderful. I enjoy reading your blog and I learn a lot. You are very talented.

  2. The maple is amazing. What a beautiful place. If you have time to do an A to Z next year, I would love to follow it. I made mine easy for myself with a subject I knew about, few words, and some pictures. I loved your comment about the Z-bird. I laughed for a long time.--Inger

  3. Thanks Inger. I will probably do the A-Z in January or so when the dreary season kicks in

    That is if the current one ever leaves.

    Professor Mass says todays horrid weather is coming to us from the Sierras, quite unusual

    I cannot leave on vacation soon enough.

  4. You are not only surrounded by beauty you can hear it too in the voice of a sparrow. Thanks for sharing. This is a beautiful entry:)

  5. Thank you Munir. Welcome to my blog.

  6. This is a must see and on the way to Spokane as well. Superb photography, by the way.