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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy MOvember

As the year slowly slides to the end it is time for volunteer activities.  The Nisqually Land Trust held its Ohop work party last weekend.  This property is taking off.  Salmon are spawning in Ohop Creek after being shut off for 100 years.  The trees and shrubs are growing up and hiding the pretty farm from the road.

We had a nice turnout this day and even pulled in the Zombie crowd.

Three hours of planting in the surprisingly water saturated ground.  Mud and muck = easy digging.

We got about half done.  There will be more work parties with school students in the weeks to come.

In two weeks there will be an Ivy Pull.  Happy planting one weekend, good "evil plant" killing the next.  The property is one right along the freeway at the Nisqually Delta.  Invasive English Ivy and choke down a native tree and suppresses the understory native plants.  It is not something to be cultivated or encouraged.

Speaking of cultivating and encouraging...


As part of a group at work I am participating in MOVEMBER ; fundraising to promote Awareness , Education and Research for men's health.  I am a member of the cancer research community and over and over we are made aware of the higher incidence of many cancers in male populations.  Education and awareness are still needed to promote healthy lifestyle and health awareness.

Along with my teammates on the MOnocolonal Antibodies I will be letting myself go this month and allowing my "little mustache problem"( Dorothy Michaels ; Tootsie ) to do her thing.

I missed Octobeard.

I could have participated in that, too

You can find out about MOVEMBER at


I would certainly appreciate a donation of support to me, or my group the  MOnoclonal Antibodies



  1. Excellent post, Marti, and I hope you are able to raise your funds. Love the Zombie and the shovels.

  2. Tree planting: good for the environment & good for you! Good work all round, its great what you do.