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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Happy First Day of Spring

Since it was bucketing down rain this morning I knew today was an Eastern Washington day.  I headed for the area east of Ellensburg beyond the wind farm.  It is here where I usually find blooming cactus.

This day gave proof as to why the wind farms are here.  The wind was really whipping and getting decent photos of trembling flowers was a challenge.

All the early flowers were here.

Sagebrush Violets

Bluebells snuggles low and protected around most anything.  These were next to an Elk skeleton

Yellow Bells are the flower most people mention when talking about the early Spring flower of the dry side.

Dagger-Pod only grew in the sheltered sunny hillside, well below the rough wind at the top.

Cushon Phlox is just coming on now.

The Hedgehog Cactus are just starting to make buds, so they are a week or two off.

I stopped at the Red Horse Diner for lunch and the sunny window, with no wind, was welcome.

When I come home via I-90 I usually get off at Preston and come via Fall City.  It may take a few extra minutes but it is more peaceful than the Bellevue corridor


  1. Great help identifying a few flowers as I have been out on the scrub lands.

  2. Great post, Marti. Must get over there and do Manastash and Reecer Canyon.

  3. You'll be very busy in the Fynbos documenting all our spring flowers! After good winter rains we are experiencing an eruption of colors in the hills.

  4. Makes me very eager for spring and this is a another must-visit-again place, along with Manastash and Reecer.