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Monday, February 1, 2010

Bickering Neighbors, Part Two

A few weeks ago I mentioned the trio of Anna's Hummingbirds having display and bickering fights.

On my walk today I found a hummer perched in a spot I had never seen one before. This path is at the bottom of the long hill down from work. I assumed that this might be one of the former trio. The spot was about 500 feet (as the bird buzzes) away from the the fighting spot. I snapped this picture as I felt it certainly represents the longing for Spring or even just a string of blue clear days.

On my walk I notice a lot of bushes are starting to get buds. The wild roses are setting new leaves.

Birds were all over. A large feeding flock of Siskin and Goldfinch, Robins starting to sing short parts of their song and many Crows were bathing in the little creek.

As I finished my pond circle I came to the spot where the original hummingbird fight was. Sure enough a single bird sat at the top of the tree.

Returning up the path to work, the bird I saw coming down was still there. As I stopped to take another look at him, a second bird appeared from below and they took off squabbling.

Clearly this Pair needs to settle their dispute. I wonder if the third bird will move further up slope.


  1. I am very jealous. The weatherman here announced last night that we are now half way through Winter. And, you have signs of Spring already.

  2. Well this year we have not really had winter. We had about two weeks of way sub freezingf weather in early December. That in itself was unusual. During that time we had no clouds and it was super dry.

    Since then we broke records for warm daily temps. El Nino is to blame.

    I am willing to bet a box of donuts (with sprinkles) that we have snow the first week of Spring.

    The chance of the Groundhog to see his shadow here is pretty low.