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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So Close You Can Taste It!

Spring, I mean.

Monday was the perfect day to have time off. I had quick work duty to perform so I decided to return to Washington Park in Anacortes to check out some area I missed on my previous visit.

I followed the trail markers and made my way to the south slope of the park. This rock face is Serpentine , a hard, mineral deficient soil that supports unique plants. The wildflower population hereincludes plants I have never seen, including Chocolate Lily and many of the orchids.
Juniper trees thrive here and all I could think of is what made some person convert those berries into Gin? Isn't this a wonderful old tree. This is something more usual in the high mountains.

These patchwork leaves are Rattlesnake Plantain. By next month they will support an orchid with very tiny flowers.

I captured this macro of a dried bloom from last year. I am not sure of the flower, but it likely belongs to the carrot family. I love the detail.

It was a perfect sunny day and the trails meandered everywhere. I followed them all over the south slope. I felt a little guilty since I am sure I was off the true trail at some point.
I cannot wait to see what these turn into.

I discovered this tiny early blooming flower. I posted it on line but have not yet found anyone familiar with it. I am sure as it opens it will be easier to figure out. The bloom is only about one inch across wedged under a protective rock.

At Green Point there are some excellent graphics explaining the ecology of the flowers there. This is where the Chocolate Lily is to be found, along with Camas, a tuber that was used as food. As common a food as it was throughout the region, I don't believe I have ever seen a specimen.

Green Point gets you right down to the water. I was lucky to capture these two Black Oystercatchers. Their red bills reflected so much sunlight that getting a clean shot was a challenge.

This is what the Oystercatchers are likely to be eating. Snails all over the place.

I drove about "Old Town" Anacortes. Many shops and restaurants and some wonderful late 1800's early 1900's homes and buildings.

I am working on a volunteer project down at Wilcox Flats on Saturday. The weather is going to be glorious so I intend to make the most of being down in that area.
I need to decide if I should get new sunscreen.

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