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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Soggy Wet Girls Weekend

A soggy wet Girls Weekend with my sisters. We stayed at Olive 8, a somewhat new hotel in the Hyatt chain.

We did our usual rounds of the area, including shopping at Pacific Place and stopping by Sees in Westlake Center.

The gloomy weather made for interesting lighting.

The new AllSaints Spitalfields store window certainly caught my eye. An umbrella comes in handy for killing the reflection when taking pictures through windows.

And no matter what the sign says, this is still the Bon Marche.

Then up to see the windows at Fox's Gem Shop. They have one display I don't remember from before. I love them.

Sushi Restaurant

Sewing Room

There was a lot of wet walking about. I am here to say having sensible shoes is a must, even if you want to get your sparkly girly girl on.

I will never live it down, I am sure.

We had dinner at Tulios again this year. I think we have decided that this is the best restaurant for us. Comfortable with great service and great food. The calamari appetizer was particularly memorable. "A Christmas Story" at the 5th Avenue was fun but certainly does not match the movie it was taken from.

We are having more than our share of weather this season and this weekend in racking up some big numbers in the region for rainfall.

Amazingly enough this is not as bad as some recent years. I had to detour getting home as my usual main road is flooded over.

Hooray for Pineapple Express.

From www.cliffmass.blogspot.com That is downtown Seattle just to the right of the big green spot in the center.

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  1. Love your 'take' on things. The first pic I thought was an upside-down swimming pool! lol Nice shot.