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Monday, March 28, 2011

More "Offerings to the Wind" Art

On Jan 16 I told you about artist Dan Cautrell and his Offerings to the Wind Project http://offeringstothewindproject.typepad.com/blog/

I mentioned these works to a co-worker who regularly drives in the valley. Since then she has been on the lookout. She quickly found two along HWY 203. This weekend she went out to see those I had found and actually found two more. She provided me with pictures which I share here with you

She said she is always looking at stumps that project out hoping to find a new treasure.


  1. Those are so beautiful, and unexpected!

  2. That is their magic, like a fleeting glimpse of a beautiful bird.

  3. greetings...I was browsing and came upon your blog. Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to recognize the Offerings Project. I never know who will notice those road side attractions. I love the comment...."a fleeting glimpse"...The turquoise feather piece is very recent...

  4. Dan thank you so much for dropping by.

    Your gifts are really wonderful treasures. Almost like a secret. Those who know to look will find them.

    So many people pass through the environment and never really see it.