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Thursday, March 31, 2011

...Tra La

Further adventures in flower seeking last Saturday. My friend Ron Hanko has several blogs about nature and orchids of the Pacific Northwest... http://nativeorchidsofthepacificnorthwest.blogspot.com/ http://ronaldhanko-orchidhunter.blogspot.com/ He told me his orchid club was having a show on Saturday at the Skagit Valley Garden Center. How convenient is that, right along the Freeway on the way to/from Washington Park!?! Do you sense method to my madness? I knew there would be something wonderful to see so I made it my must do. The garden center had many nice things about but I particularly loved these pussywillows. A Weeping Pussywillow
little cat

French Pussywillow. The wind was blowing and that added to the charm of the yellow tipped catkins.

Inside the main building the Orchid enthusiasts had their plants up for judging. Ron featured his Orchid Mountain.

Oh, it took my breath away. Inside this case was filled with orchids small and even smaller yet. Impossible small. Tiny small...teeny. Ron has featured many of them in his blog "Orchids in Bloom". You can see his report about the event and some of his wonderful pictures. ( he has a new camera too )

Here are a few of the photos that turned out. I hope I got the i.ds correct. I am sure Ron will let me know.

Trisetella gennata.

Lepanthes manabina. I recognize this from Rons Blog. A fuzzy leaf serves as a platter for the minute flower. The stem you see here, barely thicker than the base of a cats whisker. Visit Rons Orchid in Bloom blog to find out how the show went and to see another picture of this wonderful plant.

Lepanthopsis astrophora. It reminds me of some odd bit of hair fashion. The flowers bobble at the end of stems that spray out, thinner than the stem of the manatina. The body of the flower I would estimate not much longer than a rice grain.

This Dendrochilum wenzellii blooms in a long chain.

Finally this frustrating subject. I should have tried for more shots, the focus is off on this one. Bulbophyllum sharese "red spiders" I would estimate not more than the width of a 50 cent piece... 14 different flowers connected by the thinnest of stems.

Can you imagine transporting these little gems???

I could not resist taking pictures of these simply because of their form and beauty.

Jumellea aracnantha

Dendrobium hybrid "Princess Asai"

I was thrilled to get the opportunity to experience the range of form and size orchids can have.


  1. Hey Marti,

    Thanks for the promo! Very nice of you to include some of my plants. The first photo is Trisetella gemmata, and the second is Lepanthes manabina. Really appreciate your stopping at the show.

  2. That would have been 'paradise' for us! A photo bonanza! Loved this Marti (if I may)!
    Your photos captured the true delicacy of these orchids. Nice job!

  3. Thanks Jim and Ron. I know our friends up in New England and NE Canada could use a bit of Spring right now.

  4. Absolutely beautiful. These are fascinating flowers. I think I could hae spent hours there.