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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another Offering to the Wind

My co-worker found another of Dan Cautrell's gifts. She was thrilled , as she should be. This treasure was placed late last Fall. Its position is further back from the road and up a slope. Amazing how red can hide in this background. Seed Pods


  1. That's such a joyful thing to do. I went googling, and found a video about him. He seems like a very down to earth man, who just happens to get pleasure out of having the people around him get their pleasure from his work.

  2. These are so wonderful. I have to get down that way to look for them. Have a good trip this weekend and get some good pics.

  3. What are those seed pods?? I saw them yesterday on Woodinville/Duvall Rd.

  4. Artist Dan Cautrell of Duvall randomly places wood carvings in the environment of the Woodinville Duvall Redmond corridor.

    They are called Offerings to the Wind. You can find his web site under his name