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Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Little Bit of Spring

Today was Volunteer Day with Nisqually Land Trust. We did an Ivy Pull at the Ohop Valley property. We have worked there several times before. Today we went over to a road that borders State Highway 7. Along with general garbage dumped over time, there was obviously some yard waste thrown or a car assisted migration. English Ivy is making its way towards the replanted bottom land. Today we concentrated of girdling the trees of the climbing ivy. The stout branches need to be cut away so that the higher vegetation will die.
One tree, however, we did not touch. In one tree Ivy was supporting a bit of wonder.

A Rufous Hummingbird has already made her nest on a vine of ivy. Woven of spider webs lichen and plant fiber. Decorated with more shaggy lichen, two eggs will snugly fit in the cup. The female, when she sits on the nest will create a plug. The soft nest will mold around her body, making the perfect little warm snugly for the eggs.


  1. What a clever bird. Nature is so wonderful in its design, isn't it. I know you had a great time out there.--Inger

  2. Yes, some plants can really alter 'natural' vegetation if left unchecked. Nice that there is a 'group' who assists in this.
    Beautiful Hummingbird nest!

  3. Nice work, Marti, and that picture of the hummingbird nest is superb.