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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Like Here, Only Different ~ Tra La the Flowers of Winter

Technically it is Winter now in Las Piedras.  There were few flowering shrubs or vines about and I imagine those that do bloom, do so high in the treetops.  The walking paths were often littered with individual blossoms blown down.

So here is a bit of random pretty.

The end of a Banana Tree blossom.


Dry and sleepy looking, don't you think?

These were particularly common.  I thought they were Balsa but I understand Balsa blooms white.

This was blooming along a main trail.  I saw it as we returned to camp one day and never saw it again.  It looks like the stamens are loaded with sugar droplets.  I am sure a butterfly moth or hummingbird found this most wonderful.

This has some characteristic of a Rosa sp.

Not sure if this is a seed pod or a flower.

These blossoms were everywhere on the jungle floor.


  1. Beautiful flowers! Thanks for giving us a peek!

  2. Pretty, especially considering that it is Winter!

  3. The only thing "wintery" is the light period; 12 hours light 12 hours dark

    otherwise 85-90 daily, no rain except on occasion