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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Like Here, Only Different ~ Orchids for Ron

Anyone who has spent time here on my blog knows my growing affection for orchids, particularly our native terrestrial orchids.

My interest was sparked via contact with Ron Hanko who has a couple blogs, including one about his home grown orchids. 

I was keenly aware of the potential for finding orchids while in Peru but I was not too sure how much I could discover.  A majority of orchids grow high in or on trees.  Thinking along these lines, most downed logs I encountered got a once-over as best I could.

As we walked the trails I found orchid plants that had blown out of trees, though none of them were in bloom.  I placed some of these bundles onto logs of downed trees in hope that they might set their roots.

One downed and disintegrating log allowed the collection of a few unfortunate small orchids for a possible culture and rehoming.

At home base, many of the trees held orchids that were found as knockdown rescues.  One tree supported some small, natural orchids.  Here, for my friend Ron, some of the little gems.

On a home tree, several of these were in bloom.

Ron, is this a Masdevallia???!?

Ron says this is Trigoniodium acuminatum

In another small tree, these appeared to be growing naturally.  Of course, they were out of reach and yellow, that cursed color for photography.  They remind me of Oncidium.  Their leaves were small and arrayed like a palm fan.

Ron says they are Psygmorchis pusilla.  They were wonderful!

Lastly, on a fallen tree I found this in bloom.  Deep in the understory, this color was tricky with my shaky hands and sometimes steamy camera lens.  I tried to capture these pale blooms several times.  Are these an Epidendrum?  Ron says yes they are but cannot tell the species.

The flowers were amazingly tiny at the end of long spikes.

I was sorry to not find more orchids, but had great pleasure finding those I did.

For those who appreciate great photography and the wonderful world of orchids, Rons Blogs are a feast for the eyes. His Orchids in Bloom represent his home cultured orchids, many of them from South America.



Rons Ramblings around the Pacific Northwest



  1. I missed this somehow, Marti! Great photos and great flowers - glad you found some orchids while in deepest, darkest. The first is Trigoniodium acuminatum, the second, Psygmorchis pusilla, and the third is indeed an Epidendrum, though I cannot tell which one.

  2. Ron Thank you I have added the ids and will pass along the info to the science staff.