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Thursday, May 17, 2012

All Creatures Great and Small

A lot of critter encounters in the last few weeks.

American Robin in the early morning sun

   Great Horned  Owl and Owlet.

"Look how far down!"

"Whooos Dat?!??!

Fancy digs for Spiders

Crab Spider finds a home in a rare Trillium parviflorum

Cannot miss these colorful standouts.  There were many Ladybugs in these field of Camas

I didn't see the spider, I only saw the butterfly.  My friend Ron mentioned he could see it and sure enough, my computer showed me.  A Crab Spider eating a Field Crescent

It is a happy day when I see a frog.  Even happier when I capture a good picture.

A very tiny Pacific Treefrog

Green Commas in abundance on the road to Red Top

A Mourning Cloak was shy and flighty

These two were pretty preoccupied with each other, allowing some rather personal pictures.
They will continue for 24 hours like this.

Elgaria coerulea principis - Northwestern Alligator Lizards

This was my first time sighting what the field guide says is a somewhat common lizard.


  1. Love the crab spider picture, nice camouflage!

  2. Thank you Tessa. I love finding bugs in my photos, the intended ones and the suprise ones I find when I get them large on my computer screen

  3. Really nice series of shots, Marti. The Striped Coralroots will probably be done or close to it in the area of Larrabee, though we found one perfect spiked at Sehome. That, by the way, is by WWU and is a decent place for a walk. If you poke around in the woods, I'm sure there were more C. striata. The mosquitos were bad there, though. As to the area south, the Oyster Dome trail always has some C. maculata.

  4. These are just amazing photos! You've got an amazing blog! More power to you!

  5. You must be busy - haven't seen a post for a while. Miss them. When are you off on your travels, Marti?

  6. Imagens maravilhosas, obrigado por compartilhar.

  7. Marti, these photos are incredible! And to see all these creatures in an outing? Gotta love the Pacific Northwest!

  8. not all one

    the first three over near Ellensburg, going to Wind Horse wind turbine complex

    the flowers and frogs on an outing with the Native Orchid Society

    The butterflies at Red Top and the Lizards at work

  9. wow, what a great haul. And I love that if you dress like a flower, butterfly snacks will land right in front of your gaping jaws. Wolf in sheep's clothing, for sure. =) And gives me a very interesting idea for Halloween. Nicely done!

  10. Marti, if you go to Summer Lake, make sure you bring a sturdy pole. It's a bit treacherous getting out onto the floating bog. The water is quite high. The cranberries are not ripe yet either, and at the north end of the lake off that little side trail, someone, a conservation group has posted signs warning about disturbing the fragile environment, and apparently has removed all the Pitcher Plants on that end of the lake, though they are still flourishing elsewhere.

  11. Upupaepops: How wonderful to see you here again. I always value your scientific knowledge and input and I've missed you lots. Thanks for your comment about steroids. I am so worried about that. I know our vet will be considerate and will take the best care of Samson.
    If you look at Samoyed photos on the web, you will see some wearing goggles. A friend had a Samoyed and she always put sunglasses on her when they went skiing. I also noticed that feralwoman's samoyend, Dexter, wear sunglasses sometimes. I will check with the vet. It would not surprise me if altitude, strong sunlight, and so on has something to do with this. I posted this in my own comments section, but I don't know if you went back to look. Just want to let you know that I miss you and wish you would post something on your blog again. I still have your blog in my sidebar, just in case.