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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

I am heading to the beach for a couple days.  I am hoping to enjoy some stormy weather, kite flying and lazy hanging about.

I will be taking my weather proof hiking gear and testing it out.

This morning I saw the linked video and felt it was something I wanted to share.  A 360 degree fly around of Mt Rainier with all of the landmark names and placed on a map for you.

Mt Rainier is THE icon for this state.  A majority of the population can see it , to some extent, from their home.  When we can see it clearly, we say "The Mountain is out."

Now all is gray and The Mountain is working up a new layer of white.

Willis Wall, a poster on a hiking forum I participate in is the photographer and creator of this excellent work.

Enjoy this stunning flight.  Willis Wall itself has always been my favorite landmark on the mountain.  It faces north and we can all clearly see it on a fair day.

Mt Rainer Overflight by Willis Wall



  1. This view of Mt.Ranier is incredible, Marti! Thanks so much for sharing. Never knew there could be so many glaciers on one peak!

  2. MT Raineir has 25 glaciers, the most of any mountain in the lower 48.