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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Berry Scouting

I took Lil Blue out for a spin along the Snoqualmie River Trail, Duvall to Carnation.

It was super early to beat the heat and I pretty much had the trail to myself.  The air was almost chilly to start

Along the way I noted the bounty of Blackberry, always present in areas like this.

I think it is going to be a banner year.  Many berries already dark and needing just another week of hot sunny day to convert those sugars and loosen up.  The forecast is for a good solid week of no rain, so first pick should be next weekend.

After first pick, which will go into flavored vodka making, there will be waves and waves of berries to come on.  Today I note plenty of green and red berries, enough to make a long season

Birds were everywhere and Robins lead the way.  They gorge on these berries and I saw some evidence that Coyote were here about as well.

Peter Rabbit was plotting his attack on the bounty too.  Cottontails dashed and darted across the trail.

I peddled into Carnation and stopped for a decaf (aren't I wild ) before beginning the five miles back.  Along the way I could feel that point where the rising sun had burned off enough fog and it was the start of another warm day.


  1. Little Blue is perfect for your meanderings. When I first saw the name, I thought you had got a pet. Errol, who does not want his name in my blog, had a chemoembolization done to his tumor. I stopped mentioning chemo as so many thought he was going every day for intravenous chemo. I would love to talk to you some more, my email address is: sweed40ij@gmail.com. Thanks, Inger

  2. The blackberries do look good, Marti. We always pick extra for blackberry brandy. Will be starting to drink last year's this fall. The berries make a great pie, too, or cobbler. Anyway, sorry we missed you Saturday. Saw thousands of S. romanzoffiana at Diablo overlook (the field below the overlook) and in a field further up highway 20. Off to look for S. diluvialis on Friday.