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Monday, May 31, 2010

Today Is Brought To You By The Color "Green" and the Condition "Wet"

I didn't want to face the freeways of with holiday travelers so I stayed close to home today. I had a task at work so after a brief tour of duty, I paid a visit to Cougar Mountain Park in Issaquah.

An abundance of green generated by the abundance of wet. It started raining when I got there and into my walk, it started pouring.

The kind of rain my coat cannot resist. I would have stayed longer but I draw the line at the soaked bra stage.

Wet Monadelia fidelis

dripping Salmonberry

sodden Bleeding Hearts

Running waterfall, they abound here

Mucky path

A possible shelter

Faithful Friends, waiting for a third and going to make the best of it.

It was really quite nice


  1. Oh, that running waterfall is beautiful. And, sodden or not, it looks like you had a good time. And, don't feel too alone, I took a walk today, also, and my bra was sodden, but, from sweat. I think I would have rather had the rain.

  2. Superb photography, Marti. Really like the Salmonberry, the snail and the time exposure of the river (handheld?)

  3. hand stablized on the bridge rail

    I envy your camera with the tripod and the remote shutter control

    If things go well I will be shopping for a new upgrade to go along with my little elph. I will likely seek your opinion.

  4. Love it all. Glad you braved the rain to bring us this lovely update.

  5. It is what we have to do, isn't it? If you cannot get east then you have to put up with what nature provides.