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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Old Girl

In Native lore Mt St Helens is a woman, Loowit.

She was fought over by Wyeast (Mt Hood)
and Klickitat / Pahto (Mt Adams)
Stories of these two rivals throwing fire and rocks at each other certainly tells of the geologic history of the area. In the book I, have Mt St Helens is the beautiful maiden who didn't act up.

A hole in the stories, since she certainly did and still does.

My pictures from July 2007

You hike starts in the woods at sunrise. Here you are just exiting and getting a look at the land to the west.

And begin climbing
And stopping to see where you have been. A good picture of new flows from 1980

The clouds come and go quickly here

The last 300 yards are like steep sand dunes

Like I said, the clouds come and go

Dome and steam

The west wall with the last of the ice

True summit


Mt Rainier about 50 miles north. Peek a boo visit

The easy way down

Ash everywhere

Thisw is the video I remember the most. This clip is from a broadcast 5 years ago with some footage I did not see in the original broadcast.


and from NASA


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