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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

February A to Z Project , 2012

I was inspired by Inger over at the blogspot blog,  "Desert Canyon Living" to launch an A to Z project for February.  I might make a detour here and there, but I will have a daily post and cover each letter of the alphabet.

February is the shortest month, but around here it feels forever, with dreary days that seem to drag on.  The forecast ahead is for mild weather so perhaps there will be early signs of Spring.


  1. Yeah Inger! For the inspiration to do this!

  2. she told me many people do this in April, but for me, February needs a special project to get through the dreary times.

  3. I miss your regular posts, Marti, and as for dreary times, I'm already pining for spring even though we've not yet even gotten out of autumn and the nice weather is only a few days gone.

  4. Thanks Ron, I have been down in the dumps for a while but feel ready to get back on the Pony.

    I have to do another series of "ketchup" posts