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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow Day out and about.

The snow has given way to what appears to be a bit of mist.

In south Puget Sound and Centrallia and Chehalis they had almost 1 1/2 feet of snow overnight.  A stunning and unique record for sure.

Out on the coast the warm moisture has taken over and while they have 50+ degrees we are cozy in the low 30 upper 20's.

They say rain moves in tomorrow then it is slush and slosh all the way.  The last time this happened (Christmas Day a few years ago) my car could not get out of my driveway through the soupy mire.

I went walkabout today just to get out of the house.


  1. Since I'm a published writer, I of course look for sites that focus on writing. But the older I get (almost 72) I'm looking for other kinds of sites, ones that lift my spirits in my housebound world (I tend a handicapped daughter). And when I found your blog just now through Inger's, I thought, "This is what I'm looking for." These photographs are beautiful. I love "snow" pictures, though like you with your car, my daughter's wheelchair couldn't maneuver; thus, the reason why I'm in Virginia and not in Washington! But snow IS beautiful to look at it, especially when it's newly fallen and the world is SO white.

    I'm not a follower, and hope you'll keep posting such lovely photographs - in ALL seasons!
    Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror & Other Memoirs

  2. Oh Ann , Thank you for your kind words. I love seeing other peoples worlds, which is why I love Ingers blog.

    I would love to explore her home canyon.

    If I could I would have my job over in the Dry Side of Washington state.

    Today's snow day is an out of the ordinary event in our routine gray and dreary world.

    But I love it all and strive to find the wonders around me and share them with anyone passing by in the blogosphere.

    I hope you will visit as often as you like. I am into my third year of blogging and wish I had more time to really explore.

  3. I love your photos, Martha, but as lovely as they are, I have to admit, I am glad you are getting the snow right now and not me!

  4. Hi Marti,

    Getting a little stir-crazy with all the bad weather and can't wait for spring and hiking season. Went out in the snow with Nance and Ed one day just to get out. Looks like you needed to get out also. Nice set of pictures - especially like the cotoneaster(?) berries with the snow on them.