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Monday, January 2, 2012

Merry New Year!

It dawned with hazy clouds and a weak sun trying hard.  The start of something new, a decent sunny day!

My first bird of the New Year was Canada Goose.  There are large flocks who spend the night in the pumpkin fields just east of me.  They migrate in and out of the field every day in large noisy flocks.  Every once in a while I hear different sounds and have seen Trumpter Swan and Snow Geese fly over my place as well.

This morning I have time to kill.  Because the sun was out I wanted to be someplace open so I visited Juanita Bay Park to enjoy the lakeside marshes.

I also have my new Monthly Scavenger Hunt list for January and my color of the month for my 365 Project; both on Flickr.  I enjoy these projects as they really awaken my mind and eye to possibilities.

Juanita Bay, in sunlight is alive with color.  Red rose hips are a backdrop for yellow willow.

brown reeds and mud always hold promise of fun birds.  I had a good binocular view of a Ruby-crowned Kinglet with his crown up.  I got my camera ready for him to come closer but he had a different opinion and skittered away.

But Trumpeter Swans used a little gravel bar where Forbes Creek enters the lake to preen.

Wood Ducks are almost guaranteed at the north beach.  This fellow and his mate were eating huge tubers they grabbed from the bottom.

There are Ring-necked Ducks.  Most people insist they should have been called Ring-billed for obvious reasons.  It was not until I got home and viewed the photo in the computer that I saw that I captured the little brown ring that you can barely see in real time.

There were tons of people out.  Whenever the sun made a strong appearance you almost felt it was balmy.

The long walk was particularly nice, set up on a nice north to south axis, you could bask the whole way.

Look at this bit of sweetness!

I met a couple and noted the gentleman's walking stick.  This was Daniel Trythall and he is an artist specializing in hand carved sticks and canes.  http://www.crowprints.com/index.htm

I covet

I made my way back to the Kirkland waterfront for a special event.  The weak sunshine had brought folks out, but there would soon be more.  Not quite " A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte" but certainly called it to mind

I was there for one reason.

Get a coffee and listen to Stuart McLean

Waaaait a minute.  What are those people outside the car window.  Party hats and cheers??  Going over to the beach again



POLAR BEARS!!!!  A mad dash into 45 degree water.  In order to do it right you must go all the way under.  I keep my camera hand above the surface.

Their expression was priceless

You come prepared with warm refreshment.

Or perhaps something warm and fuzzy to hug

For me the chill sets in about 20 minutes after the fact.  You actually feel quite warm when you first get out.  I was actually colder after my shower as my body tried to make sense to all these changes of temperature.

Cheers to all for a great 2012!  I hope you have many adventures and discoveries.


  1. It looks so fresh up where you are. Here I am longing for rain, so tired of the endless sunshine and there you are enjoying a bright and sunny day. Happy New Year!

  2. Well come on in, Inger, the water is fine!!!

  3. This is an awesome place to go to, full of animal life and so clean! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great post - can't wait to get up into the mountains again, though. Did go for a walk in Bellingham yesterday and maybe to Deception Pass today.