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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Like Here Only Different ~ Day 11 Reeth to Richmond

Reeth  to Richmond 12.5 miles 20Km 5 hours ~  Reeth - Marrick Priory - Nuns Steps - Marrick - Richmond.  Tonight I stay at The Old Brewery Guest House www.oldbreweryguesthouse.com

An easy stroll day on a  combination of trails and roads.  Slow start getting out of town.  There was traffic on the throughway.

Farm land rolls along.  The route is easy and there was no mistaking the way.

Marrick Priory was very picturesque but I was unable to get a fine photo.  The property is owned by a private concern which let's the grounds for group meetings.  Nature study, outdoor adventure, seminars and meetings.  Sadly the priory is surrounded by all the stuff of modern life.  The Nuns Steps were a seemingly unending path of flat , slick stones.  Tough old gals to set this hillside in stone.

The way through the farm land requires that you make your way through many walls.  You climb over stiles.

Through stone gaps.  Wide enough to walk like an Egyptian.

The gate on these gap crossings have huge snap shut springs.

The squeeze gate is  not a gate at all as you can see.

I think this is where I ripped my favorite hiking pants.  I did not know it until a gent mentioned it to me while I was buying apples for my lunches.  Now what to do.  The folks at the hotel were kind enough to round up a sewing kit.

The ladder styles are usually straightforward, though when you are tired, the can be plenty risky.

In no time at all, about  5 1/2 hours, I was in Richmond.

Seventy nine miles to go.

Beautiful wonderful buildings around every corner.

Richmond Castle is the center of town.  Established in 1080 by Alan of Brittany  by the castle went to ruin in the 1500's.

There were attempts to preserve the large central tower.  During WWI 16 Conscientious Objectors were imprisoned here.  They  wrote on walls using pencils.

The art and words are not for public display as they are contained in climate control.  There is a nice exhibit where you can see photos of their words.

It is hard to imagine the confinement of these men inside the stone, behind these slit windows, solitary confinement.

I walked uptown to the Amatala Tandoori and had a long awaited feast.  I may regret it in the morning, but ahh it was a dream of spices.

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