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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Like Here Only Different ~ Day 17 Egton Bridge to Robin Hood's Bay.

Egton Bridge to Robin Hoods Bay 16 miles / 25.7 Km 7 hours ~ Egton Bridge - Grosmont - High Bride Stone - Littlebeck  - The Hermitage - Falling Foss - THE NORTH SEA - Robin Hoods Bay.  Tonight I stay at The Villa www.thevillarhb.co.uk

Here we are, the last day.  At 7 1/2 hours this feels like the longest day.  Sixteen miles and my walking companions of the day agree that today had everything we have encountered in the last  two weeks, condensed.

I did not get out to Whitby yesterday and now I have a little regret.  The last few days I have not slept well and feel like I am at home, waking up at 5a.m.

I set out from Egton Bridge in blazing sun.  My walking companions are Geoff and Trudi from Australia.  We have shared meals and chats along the way, today we stuck together.

It is hot and sunny and thankfully this route today had some nice woods.  It wanders back and forth in the environment, and it dawned on  us that we were having a recap.

Lovely farmland

We strolled easily to Gromont and pass its historic train depot

To remind us how much we loved the Lakes district, we had about one mile of hill climb.  Up roads marked 30% Grade.

At the top, we are one again, and for the last time, in a heather moor.

Pink Bell Heather

Red Grouse and Curlew fly and call.  It was a sharp regret that the climb up was now met with a road walk down to Littlebeck.

We pass through several small hamlets which were once the center of Alum mining.  Passing through Littlebeck and into Littlebeck Woo d was a wonderful treat.  The woods were dark and cool and we had the wonderful May Beck tumbling over rocks.. Here in the woods we find The Hermitage.  A little hut carved out of an old erratic boulder.  The year 1790 is carved on the doorway.  There is a bench carved around the inside and two stone seats on top.

Falling Foss comes just in time for lunch. Waterfall and friendly Tea Garden.  It is a wonderful spot and the sound of the falls made everything feel cool.  Lemonade and ginger cake for me.

All along the way today, we had clear views of Whitby and the North Sea.  That first official glimpse was a smile moment.  Our big landmark is the Whitby Abbey, on a hill south of town.  At the edge of the sea, this ruin was the inspiration for Dracula.

You will have to view large to make out the Abby.  Our journey today seemed to have the Abbey as the pivot point.

Pushing on we finally take that momentous right turn and head south along the cliffs of the North Sea.

We sat down here for cold drinks from the cafe up the way.

My guide books firmly request a check in at my room before heading down into town for a celebration. 

Down into town is right.  One last toe crunching walk down the narrow lane.

I let my rock loose in the North Sea.  Wainwrights Bar has a ledger book to sign and I toasted the finish with a cider.  Lift a glass and bid goodbye to companions of the trail.

A trip finished  and a lifetime of memories begin.

Tomorrow I head back to London via bus and 2 trains, then home on Thursday with a ton of stinky laundry.

Cheers, everyone.  Hope you had fun.

I certainly did.


  1. I just read the whole thing. I felt like I was walkig with you. My feet hurt! :-)

  2. Great Hate to think it was only me!

  3. Whitby is one of our favorite places on the east coast. We've stayed in a bed and breakfast near the old abbey and have wandered the town and the surrounding area. What a great trip, Marti.