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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Like Here Only Different ~ Day 12 Richmond to Danby Whiske

Richmond to Danby Whiske 14 miles 22.5Km 5 hours  Richmond River Swale, Catterick  , Bolton on Swale , Danby Whiske.  Tonight I stay at Ashfield House with dinner at The White Swan.

Poor Mr Wainwright.  He was a hill walker, a seeker of high places and todays walk is simply a march through low lands and farms, pastures and roadways.  Clearly he hated this leg as he called the village of Danby Whiske   "a slough of dispond"

I zipped along roads and through farmland.  Cows and fields of barley, wheat and hay.  We have left the river Swale behind.

Richmond yields one more photo, this from the Swale River bridge.

The way starts through woods at the edge of the river.  To remind me that I am in a relatively urban area, I get to go behind the sewage treatment ponds.

Catterick and Richmond are towns with garrisons, and to remind me of that I was overtaken by a sweating, running troop of trainees.  Fortunately I had captured this orchid and bee before the lads distracted me.

This was not a day filled with highlight, but it is still great to be rolling along.  Rain was falling, but it was that soft, barely visible stuff that did not even warrant  putting on wet gear.  The sun came out, off and on and this is the last of the weather.  It is supposed to be sunny, even warm.  Nothing like it has been at home.  Hiking in full sun is going to be a challenge.

In Bolton on Swale I stopped into the church for some refreshment.  Many village churches have honor tables for walkers.  This church asks for us to sign a log book and even push a pin into the map.  People from all over the world, all to continents are represented.

Sometimes you can find treats at the town pump.  Today there was nothing but the pump.

In the graveyard, which surrounds the church, a monument to Henry Jenkins, a man claimed to be 169.  The more realistic  122, seems to be the official version

Pushing along it was fields of wheat, barley and hay rippling in the wind.  Amber waves of grain.

With all the cement pavement I was desperate for a sit down. This countryside yields few places to sit down.  No logs , rocks or even handy stiles.  Finally I simply sat down along the road I was on.  All it takes is 5 or 10 minutes.  Loosen the laces and wiggle the feet.  The others in our merry cluster said the same thing about plopping down for a rest.

Danby Whiskey as outgrown the sharp comments of Wainwright.  Welcoming one and all, the single pub is happening here at dinner.  I held out hope that there might be BBQ, so I can celebrate in true American style, but alas.  There is, however, Tennessee Toffee Cream Pie on the dessert menu.  

 Am feeling lemony tonight.  A lemon concoction that has lemon in multiple forms, custard, peel, glaze on and on.

The 11th Century Norman church beckons for an early morning stroll.  Tomorrow is a short day with this church and an abbey to explore along the way, it time will fly along.

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  1. Another wonderful post. I am so ansty in this weather I can hardly stand it. Hoping to hike next week if the weather is decent.