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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Archimedes Tool

give me a place to stand, and a lever, and I can move the world

a ground that is soft
an effort willing
correcting a wrong

battling the tide
some natural order
our healing act

invasive control
our every pull matters
victory over waste

reaching the spirit
starting each journey
a lifetime of caring

giving back costs
effort ~ time ~ caring
my purse is bottomless


  1. Love the haikus. Looks like you had beautiful weather to work today.

  2. Thanks, not true Haikus since they are almost all fives.

    The weather was fantastic. It was 29 when I left home but the sun is out and dazzling

    I had the front door open for a while letting in the fresh air.

    My hands and shoulders know they did work

  3. A friend of mine planted this in her garden. It is not really invasive around here. (There are other things like Knapweed, purple loosestrife and garlic mustard that are more of a problem here.) What was amazing was how they disbursed their seeds by shooting them. We'd be sitting around outside and you would hear this "ping" sound every now and then. It was the scots broom seeds hitting the trailer that they were living in. She eventually got rid of it all after we found out about the problems other places have with it becoming so invasive.

    I was pulling snow off the roof yesterday--I know the feeling about your hands and shoulders knowing they worked...

  4. EEEeee I cannot imagine intentionally selling , let alone planting this stuff

    It lines the freeways here. Any new road cut ( like the one on this site) gets filled in over time.

    But the shooting seed pods

    yes pretty cool