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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mystery solved

I was able to get some positive identification of my mystery flowers from Sunday. A member of the Flickr "Washington Wildflower" group gave the positive identifications.

Here is the view of Burrows Channel from the south slope where all the flowers are found.

I knew this was a Saxifrage , based on its flower shape and structures, but I could not figure out which one. This is Early Saxifrage

These few plants were the only ones I found

This is a very early bud of Camas. It is the only one I found this day. There should be a bounty of them before long, I say many of the leaves already up. Camas was a staple food . The root is a starchy tuber. According to the Lewis and Clark diaries, the Camas caused a fair amount of digestive upset to the men.

Perhaps an acquired tolerance was needed. Though it is my understanding that the men liked dog meat more than salmon.

This cute little yellow composite is Gold Star

And this is an annoying variation of Gold Star. The same species about 3/4 inch across the top. So sweet.

Things like this keep it challenging.

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