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Saturday, March 20, 2010

10:32 am

I knew I wanted to be in a favorite place when the moment came, so I forced myself out at 7am and made for Washington Park, yet again.

There is nothing better than getting to know a place and making discoveries. My last visit was a week ago and today, there is so much change.

Arriving early, the loop road was open only to walkers. There were obviously a large number of people who live in the neighborhood out walking. Everyone seemed on friendly first name basis, which is a refreshing thing to feel.

I was so busy looking at the beautiful greenery in the woods that I failed to truly appreciate the beautiful Puget Sound vistas.

At Green Point, Shootingstars are just springing to life. I have found very few elsewhere in the park. These are right at the edge of the open area, in rocks that surely get splashed by salt water on a rough day.

I found a lot more Fairyslipper orchids in bloom, including this nice little cluster.

The new flower of the day was White Fawn Lily. They favored an area that was carpeted in moss, so the effect was quite enchanting.

I found Common Camas finally springing open and as expected, Meadow Death-Camas was intermixed.

Common Camas
Meadow Death-Camas. While you would never mistake the flowers, the bulbs are quite indistinguishable from Common Camas. Common Camas was a common staple of native diets.

Sea Blush is more common now. This well placed Douglas Fir cone shows how small these blooms are.

So many rock outcroppings support little gardens of mixed flowers , grasses and mosses. They would be the envy of anyone striving to make a rock garden at home. The Small Flowered Blue-eyed Mary really showed off.

I captured this Spotted Towhee singing, right after the change of season.

Happy Spring everyone.

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