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Sunday, March 7, 2010


I could not resist a return to Washington Park in Anacortes. I caught some of the flowers already fading. They were not in bloom when I visited three weeks ago!!

Serpentine soil supports these dainty flowers

Small flowered Woodland Star

Field Chickweed

Few-flowered Shooting Star

Small Flowered Blue-eyed Mary, carpets and carpets of them

One of my favorites for today, a dewy macro of the Blue-eyed Mary. Plus pretty mosses.

Douglas' Blue-eyed Grass, in the meadows above Burrows Channel, Many flowers, some were already wilting.

How they grow on the slope

blossom detail

A Bumble Bee on Red Flowering Current. Hummingbirds love this plant.

I have more but they are currently mystery flowers under puzzlement. I am sure I will find myself at the park again next weekend.


  1. Beautiful pictures, as always. Lovely seeing pics of all of the beautiful wildflowers. I'll reciprocate in a couple of months, when ours are out.

  2. Gorgeous photos, you know I had planned to take a lot of photos of our wildflowers here in the canyon this spring for my blog. We have had so much rain and snow that there will be plenty. But now I realize that I will not know their names, well some, maybe, but I wish I had your knowledge. Great stuff.

  3. Thank you Canyon Girl.

    I am just learning my wildflowers. I started like any nature nut, learning basics. Birds led to trees and shrubs... and so it goes.

    I have two very good fieldguides published by the U of BC which cover the dry and wet side of our region.

    I see you are in California . I suspect you should be able to find very good books for your ecology. I have also used the Herbarium at the University of Washington. That web site has a data base search feature that helps with id.

    I have also found great help via Flickr. I post my pictures to several Washington and Pacific NW wildflower groups and people often help with the ids.

    Get out there with your camera and puzzle over the pictures when you get home. For me that is half the fun!!!

    The Wilson Society in California might have some leads of sites and books on their website and there might be a local chapter you can get involved with.

    I am thinking about heading to Death Valley for a week in the next month. I need to figure out my work to catch the days off.