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Monday, March 15, 2010

Hummingbird cam


I know it is not Washington State. I tried finding one for here but it is perhaps a bit early for most.

Allen Hummingbird nest web cam. As of today it looks as if the eggs are pipping , just starting the hatch. This may take a day or two. One egg was noted yesterday to have pipped.

The site has an excellent history of this little bird and her many nests.

Rufous Hummingbird should be arriving now. I read an article yesterday saying that these birds were dwindling in Washington state and may be listed as species of concern. That is stunning news as they have always been bountiful in my eyes.

I need to get the feeder at the barn cleaned and ready to go.

March 17 update

A lizard has visited the nest and taken the egg that was hatching. This cam and the female has a long history so it is likely that the future nestings will be followed.


  1. Isn't she beautiful? And, so alert, looking all around to make sure that there is no danger. I have this site bookmarked now.

  2. News today is that a lizard arrived and ate one egg, the one that was pipped. A second egg remains in the nest but the lizzard is still present. Teh female has been defending the nest but the current consensus is that she has been off the egg long enough and frequently enough that the egg, if it was viable, has died.