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Saturday, February 4, 2012

D ~ Douglas Squirrel , Tamiasciurus douglasii

Our little native squirrel most often found in the deep woods feasting on the seeds of fir and hemlock cones. They are a perfect example of selective camouflage. The upper side of their body blends in with the tone and color of the tree bark. The underside is a pretty golden rust color that resembles the color of the wood inside the broken trees and branches.

Douglas Squirrels gather mushrooms and hang them to dry in branches. When you find terrestrial mushrooms hanging up, you will often be warned off by the sassy scolding of its harvester.


  1. Well, you reached the letter D and now I'm waiting, full of suspense, to find out what will come next.
    Thanks for your comment yesterday. You know the answer to your question is no. Who would have thought I would live in and fall in love with the desert mountains. I who love rain, rivers, lakes, and oceans so much. And a husband who cooks? Not in my wildest dreams.

  2. Great post and I did not know they gathered mushrooms. That is really neat.