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Thursday, February 9, 2012

I ~ Indian Pipe

 Monotropa uniflora

Indian Pipe is one of the oddest flowers of the woods. They are completely without chlorophyll and obtain nutrients by connecting to the roots of conifers using fungi. Conifer roots that are exposed on in a hillside are the best place to hunt for the pipes. Waxy white is the most common color but occasionally you find pink pipes . I have found the odd saprophytes and charming orchids of our region have been an exciting branch of plant study.  Often a certain amount of sleuthing and just a touch of luck is required for a find.

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  1. Saw the best stand of these ever on Goose Rock. Fascinating plants, at least to me. We're off to do some bushwacking tomorrow - up beyond Lake Elizabeth. We're going to try and find Crater Lake up there and by all reports the trail is nothing more than a track through the underbrush.