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Sunday, February 19, 2012

R ~ Rainier

Dahkobeed.  Takkobad.  Tacobud.  Tahoma.  Dahkoobed

All of these names applied to the most impressive of landmarks in Washington state.  There are many myths and legends attached to this mountain.   Dahkoobed is a jealous wife, shooting fire at the junior wives of her husband.  Mysterious lakes hidden inside the mountain are home to otherworld spirits.

These myth come from reality.   In the summit crater of the 14411 ft volcano there is a lake along with 2 miles of ice caves.  Summit climbers can sometimes smell sulpher in the air.

Currently the volcano is dormant but all around are well aware of the danger the massive store of ice and snow hold if the volcano should return to life.  There is an estimated 35 sq miles of perminant ice and snow on the mountain.  Historic mud flows have reached all the way to Puget Sound.

Mt Rainer is a training ground for many world climbers who use its technical slopes to train for climbs in the Himmalayas.  For the average walker and hiker, its lower slopes are easily accessed.  During the Summer, superb wildflower meadows attract large flocks of visitors. 

For residents of Puget Sound country, a clear day means Rainier dominates the view.

Is it a nice day?  Yes, The Mountain is out.

The Mountain is out.  Everyone here knows what that means.

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  1. Excellent shot.

    If you want to see a bunch of Hooded Ladies' Tresses, there is a whole "field" of them at the Diablo Lake overlook on Highway 20. They're all along the road and all over in the open area just off the parking lot. Nice variety of color (white to cream) and a few unusual flower forms as well. The Flat-spurred Piperias should also be blooming at Washington Park, but I haven't checked on them.