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Friday, February 10, 2012

J ~ Juniperus maritima, Seaside Juniper

Juniperus maritima , Seaside Juniper

Washington Park in Anacortes is home to a large population of these very rare trees.  They populate its south and west facing rocky slopes.

Juniper are famed for their longevity and the trees in the park are a wide range of ages. They form sturdy thick twisted trunks and branches so their size and shape do not always tell their age. The berry-like cones taste of gin, which comes from juniper berry .

These trees were once thought to be Rocky Mountain Juniper but in 2007 genetic analysis showed they were a distinct and true breeding species. Washington Park is one of the most unique ecology's in Washington State with rare Serpentine soils on the south face supporting these junipers as well as a wide array of Spring and Summer flowers not found in many other areas.

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  1. Superb post, and I recognize the tree from our many visits to this wonderful place.