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Sunday, February 12, 2012

L ~ Lushootseed

Lushootseed is the language / dialect of the Puget Sound region native peoples. There are a dwindling number of native speakers left and through the work of the late Vi Hilbert and now Zalmai Zahir and others, effort is being made to expand the number of native speakers beyond the approximately 300 known today. Even within this languages narrow range, there is a distinct dialect, north to south.

Todays photos are part of a story in Lushootseed with its English translation.

Here Zalmai Zahir and Cassy George demonstrate different greeting phrases.

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  1. Neat pot, Marti. Thanks for the correction on the butterfly. Will have to look for the book you suggested.

    We are off tomorrow morning early to Poodle Dog Pass to look for Chamiso's Orchid. Four miles on a bike to reach the trailhead and about five to six grueling miles of trail, or so we are told and then back.