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Monday, June 24, 2013

Like Here Only Different ~ Day 2 St Bees to Ennerdale Bridge

14.5 miles 23.5 Km, allow 6 hours.  St Bees - Sandwith - Moor Row - Cleator - Raven Crag Ennerdale Bridge.  Tonight I stay at Shepherd's Arms Hotel  www.shepherdsarmshotel.co.uk

The walk eastbound starts out heading west.  Along the cliffs above the North Sea and then inland.

Tradition says you must pick up a small stone from the waters edge and carry it with you the whole way.  I picked a nice green one.

The cliffs are filled with RSPB ( Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) observation platforms and the cliffs are filled with nesting seabirds.  I found a beautiful egg shell from one of the cliff nesting birds.

The wind off the Irish Sea was really howling' but the skies are sunny so no complaints from me.

I was most apprehensive about navigation but the path is well worn and there are some signs along the way to send you in the right direction.

Only 191 miles to go.

I stopped for a bowl of soup at Walkers Pop-in Cafe.  Run by a retired woman, she greets you warmly and let's you know you are half way done.

Dent Hill was the first long and steep climb.  Just straight up and in no time at all you meet with the steepest down trail of the whole journey ,Raven Craig.  It was a toe cruncher for sure.  Even the sheep were thin on this hillside.  Skylark and black Swifts were  everywhere.  It is a bit difficult to convey how steep this is.  I think you can make out the track at the bottom.

 This is a high, deer-proof stile.

The rest of the way was pretty simple, but oh my feet ache and I had to stop and loosen my laces to give my ankles a break.

Never was I so glad to sit down.  After a HOT shower it is decaf time.  There were two packets of cookies waiting for me.

Total walk time including the extra mile from the hotel - 7 hours.

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