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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Like Here Only Different ~ Old Norse Vocabulary

We have Vikings (my old home-boys) to thank for the many names in the north of England.
Place Names
Borrowdale : valley of the fort
Ennerdale : valley of the River Ehen
Glaisdale : valley of the River Glas
Grasmere : Grass lake (Old English)
Grosmont : Big Hill (Old French)
Grisdale : (Gris dalr) Valley of pigs
Keld : Spring (of water)
Kirkby : Village with a church
Marrick : Horse ridge
Marske : Marsh
Patterdale : Patrick's valley
Richmond : Strong Hill ( Old French "riche monte")
River Rothay : Trout river

Landscape features
Beck : Stream
Dale : Valley
Fell : Mountain
Force / Foss : Waterfall
Garth : Enclosure
Ghyll / Gill : Ravine
Hause : Narrow neck of land
Mere : Lake or pond ( Old English)
Ness : Headland
Pike : Peak
Rigg : Ridge
Scar : Bare rocky cliff or crag
Tarn : Lake
Thwaite : Clearing or meadow.


  1. Thank you so much - that helps. I've bookmarked this page.

  2. I am having a hard time with waterfall. Force or Foss does not come easily when you want to point and admire.