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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Like Here Only Different ~ Day 8 Orton to Kirkby Stephen

Orton to Kirkby Stephen 11 miles / 18Km 5 hours ~  Orton - Orton Scar - Sunbiggin  Tarn - Severals Village Settlement - Kirkby Stephen  Tonight I stay at Jolly Farmers Guest house  www.thejollyfarmers.co.uk

I have left the Lakes District NP and we are making our way along level ground.  While the distance is short, the trail is filled with many things to stop and wonder at.  Today I managed the distance in in 6 hours with a tailwind.

Just 1 mile east of Orton and fine stone circle can be seen from the trail.  Like some of the other circles, better seen from elevation.

Sunbiggin Tarn, an area of marshy ground with a small lake is an important bird sanctuary.  The early morning is always best for birding.  Unfortunately, today was not birdy.  A few gulls here and there but for the most part, no one about.  I did however find some wonderful bog loving purple orchids.

Severals Village settlement is a site currently under study.  Many say it may be one of the most important pre-historic sites in Britain. The site is unexcavated but modern technology can do a fair amount of investigation these days. .

Near are the Giants Graves, a series of long narrow mounds thought to be for penning rabbits.

This viaduct seemed to pop up out of nowhere.  Right around the bend from Several Village.

Kirkby Stephen ( say Kirby Steven) is the 2nd biggest town on route Population about 2000.  Kirkby Stephen is the spiritual heart of the C2C trail.  In 2010 the town won the Cumbria in Bloom Gold medal for its home gardens. 

There have been markets in town since 1361 and the market square floor has an old bull baiting area which was active into the early 1800's

Beautiful stone benches.

We are, for the most part, half way done. Here are all the luxuries of a town, a bank machine,  supermarket and an Indian (curry-house) restaurant.  There is an outdoor shop, the guidebooks points out, handy for restocking blister kits.

 A quirky signpost on the edge of town still lists distance in furlongs ( 8 furlongs = 1 mile)

This was the day for wind.  Dark clouds just racing past.  I popped on the rain gear from the start and the best that can be said is that it cuts down on the wind chill.

This is still sheep country but today I also got close and personal wit Aberdeen Angus cows and their little ones.

And their pies.

Anyone adverse to animals and their droppings should NOT
undertake this trip.

I could not get these little ones to give me the time of day.

No curry house today.  I got to town by 230 and spent some time getting lunch snacks then to a little bistro for late lunch.  Cold crab and a salad with veg and fruit.  Plus a big bottle of cider.

Happy me.  Late dinner will be cheese , apple and puffs crackers.

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