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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Like Here Only Different ~ Day Seven Reflections

Seven remarkable days done.

FALLS: ZERO!!  I cannot believe my good fortune.  Not a single fall the whole way.  Climbing stiles and fence crossings can be an adventure.  High mountain trails paved in rocks, thank you walking poles.

BLISTERS : two.  As expected, on the fourth toe of both feet.  Wish I had pre-wrapped.

Highlight :  The goodness and kindness of ever person I have met on the way.  Hospitality next to none.  Anyone wishing to go into the business of B&B should come here.

Lowlight:  Going off course on day three and the difficult recovery that afternoon.  Three glasses of water and 6 teaspoons of sugar.

Eager to see the picture :  Shap Abbey

Wishes:  A pair of closed walking shoes for cement.  I brought Keen sandals, not suitable for wet soggy bits.  Good all-purpose trail runners would be welcome.

More energy at the end of the day to explore the village I am in.

Lesson learned:
I now enter GPS waypoints listed on the days map... A safety and aid.
Talcum powder
Grab apples at the shop when you see them
Not all Scrumpy cider is "Old Rosey". Some is old cat piss
Always bring an extra top for when you want to be clean.  One is not enough.

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