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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Like Here Only Different ~ Day 3 Ennerdale Bridge to Borrowdale

16.5 miles 26.5 Km 7 hours ~Ennerdale Bridge - Red Pike (Scarth Gap) - Innominate Tarn - Honnister Slate Mine - Seatoller / Longthwaite/ Borrowdale/ - Stonethwaite  Tonight I stay at Knott's View Guest House in Stonethwaite and have dinner across the road at Langstrath Hotel www.thelangstrath.com

A long day and the first high ground crossing with options depending on the weather and your condition.  Weather dictates which route to take.  When the clouds close in you do not want to be in the high level areas and valley floor walks are always an option. 

But other things dictate the route as well.  Like how tried you are(very) .  I have a cold and am still fighting the jet lag thing.  Have not had a normal sleep yet.

It would be a shame to miss the Innominate Tarn.  Wainwright so loved this spot that he requested his ashes be spread here.  The hike up to Red Pike is a stiff one and the alternate, more gentle Scarth Gap is the option for the jet lagged or weary.  Going up Scarth Gap one can still visit Innominate.

But unfortunately I had to choose the simple route.  Good, fairly level ground along a stunningly beautiful lake.

Then what is pretty much a Forest Service type road.  All told about 8 miles before the easy climb.

Up a staircase of rocks , hard going.  By my standard, easy because you can see the finish line.  Along the top then bang down to Honnister Slate Mine.

Oh the rocks here!   The land is made of rock and every step of the way has been a challenge.  Staggered down the 20/25percent grade into town.

Horray for a guide book that makes special mention of wild orchids.  My dossier from Sherpa makes mention at the start of this days walk of bountiful orchids in late June.  I found them along with many more flowers that made this leg more home-like.

You can get a feel for the Honnister Mine from their site.

Honnister Slate Mine http://www.honister-slate-mine.co.uk/
 Mining on the industrial level started in 1700 and continued until 1980s.  Who has time to take a tour during this hike, but it is an option for visitors to the region.

I was too worn out to go to dinner.  I ate my sandwich from lunch along with chips and called it good.

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