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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Remote Control.

Testing new technology.

I feel so groovy and with it.


  1. Hey Marti, whatever you have to do! And it is connected to and for what?

  2. I have a little Nexus tablet computer ( a tabluter a co-worker calls them)which will allow me to stay connected via WiFi when I am on the road.

  3. Hey, that's pretty neat, Marti. Now you can post pictures from your excursions as soon as you take them. I can see you sitting at the top of Manastash or Umptanum Ridge posting pictures of your favorite bugs.

  4. weeellll not that wired, Ron.

    More a sitting in a pub with WiFi and a cider, wired

  5. remindes me I should go over to Umptanum ridge next weekend