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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Like Here, Only Different ~ Day 2b St Ives to Zennor

St Ives to Zennor 7 miles St Ives , Trevalgan Stone Circle, The Carracks , Zennor and Sperris Quoits, St Senara Church.  Tonight I stay at Tinners Arms and since it is Thursday, there will be live music and entertainment.  www.tinnersarms.co.uk

Well we are back on familiar ground.  Walking the National Trails of England are a distinct pleasure.  Beautifully signed and easy to follow.  There is also the wonderful Trailblazer books which have lavishly detailed maps that point out interesting things along the way.

Seven miles is not much in distance but this is some tough up and down walking.  Last year a couple I met on the Coast to Coast Path ruefully remembered the up and downishness of this trail.  The whole of the SW Coast Path covers 630 miles and fills three books.  My guide said this is usually said to be the toughest leg of the whole path.  A picnic lunch will be needed for there is nothing along the way but wild countryside.

So I mosied around town and picked up a pasty for lunch.  I walked far enough to get out of town and at noon sat down for a lunch.

Nice place.  Wonderful views

A sweet singer

Plenty of pretty flowers.

The way was as tough as the book and my travel companions said.  Tough up and downs.  Not as long or as steep as last weeks, but a lot of rocks and narrow footing that you had to watch and step carefully through.  All the way was along cliff edge so there is a certain level of cautious moving.

B&Bs are usually not ready to receive check-in until 4 in the afternoon.  My days plan had included a visit to the quoits which are a mile east from town, away from the coast path.    I am, just to pooped and knee achy to climb up there.  Besides, by the time I got here, it WAS after 4.

The Parish Church of St Senara is a mix of early Norman ( 1100's) and 13 and 15th century construction.

In the pews, kneeler pads were needleworker in pattern, many with quite distinctive design.  In some pews there was a small basket of toys and books to keep a child busy.

Here a chair 600 years old called The Mermaids Chair.

D.H. Lawrence lived here and it is here he wrote Woman in Love.  He said of Zennor"At Zennor one sees infinite Atlantic, all peacock-mingled colours, and the gorse is sunshine itself.  Zennor is a most beautiful place: a tiny granite village nestling under high shaggy moor-hills and a big sweep of lovely sea beyond, such a lovely sea, lovelier even than the Mediterranean...It is the best place I have been in, I think"

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