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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Like Here, Only Different ~ Day 4 Merindol to Recaute

Merindol to Lauris ~ 18Km 1016m gain 918m descent allow 7 hours

Today I walked from Merindol to Recaute with a side trip to Morocco


I retraced my path from yesterday and headed east at the top of the plateau out into the Petit Luberon.

The way was very long, VERY hot and very rocky.  You know how I love those rocks.

I climbed and climbed so very far.  There was a plantation as a landmark.

It is a truffle plantation.  Those are truffle oaks.

I say goodbye to the Durance Valley, over and over.

I need to climb up there.

A highlight is a forest of Atlas Cedar planted in the late 19th century.  Today few Atlas Cedars remain in Morocco.  A unique woodland of cedar, pine and oak it supports diverse animal and plant life.

By the time I got up to the trail for the Cedar Forest I knew that I had to tackle this last climb.  It was 1pm and I could not check in to my room until 530.  So up I went.

 So much of the journey today reminded me if the trails around Mt Rainier.  Rocky with flowers like phlox, lousewort and penstimons.  There were plants common in gardens like red and yellow poppies, snapdragon and flax.  I even found a saprophytic plant that resembled Pinedrops.

The cedars are smallish,like all trees of harsh and dry environment.

There are also Oak trees that are evergreen.  Their leaves look more like flat Holly leaves.

Today my highlight are the bugs and butterflies.  They are everywhere.  I stopped to watch one and it took off circled back started tapping my (sweaty) back.  Camera at the ready  I held out my hand.

This fellow buzzed around me then ran into me falling to the ground.

All over butterflies of every kind.

Tonight I am staying at Chambre d'Hotes Lounis on Chemin de Recaute in Lauris outside Recaute.  It is Victory Day, a national celebration of the end of WWII in Europe.  In many villages there are community festivals and parades.  My hostess has one room and a few cats.   She is well into the retirement years and as I am writing she is fixing dinner and talking on the phone.  I know little French but I did hear a saucy word.

Perhaps she is me in 15 years.

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  1. LOL! As long as she wasn't talking about you!!

    All the way through this post Marti, I was thinking how much my husband would LOVE this area.....the flowers and the butterflies and the scenic views! I will 'share' this trip with him.