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Monday, May 12, 2014

Like Here, Only Different ~ Day 8 Home Again Home Again

Return to London via a series of connections.  I am staying in my usual Cartwright Gardens, near Russell Square.  This is a nice little low key neighborhood and pretty darn convenient to the transportation hubs at Kings Cross and Euston and a long but easy walk to the theatre district.

Taxi to the bus stop in Apt to catch the local bus to the train station in Avignon.  The gentleman who has been transporting my bags all week has been exceptional.  He was always on time, to the minute.

Yesterday, when I tried to arrange transport to the bus station in Apt, I suggested 730 to meet the 800 bus.  He looked at me quizzically.  We had just come through Apt returning to La Pyramid.  Five minutes, he assured me.  745 we agreed, via scribbles on my pad.

Riding local transportation is always an interesting study of people.  I saw a bus with " Avignon TGV" on the reader and when I tried to board the driver spoke at me.  No clue, I.  The driver looked desperately at the passengers, all teenagers.  Clearly none wanted to try their English and I caught on this was a school transport.  I walked forward in line and clearly saw bus route 15.1. My ride.

The ride to Paris on the TGV was trouble free.  Amazingly there was absolutely no security or ticket check.  I could have ridden free.  Someone was sitting in my seat and I wonder how often folks scam a ride.

Next a cross town transfer via the Metro ( oh please let me go in the correct direction) to catch the Euro Star to London.  This time I had some coins so I could buy a ticket from the machine.  The Paris Metrto is inexpensive, but you get what you pay for.  Short on information boards, filled with panhandlers.

The Euro Star offered a wine and cheese lunch and I thought that was a pretty nice way to say goodbye to France.

Tonight was a thrill as I got to watch another grand woman of the Theatre ; Angela Landsbury.  At 88 years old she has returned to the London stage after a 40 years absence.  Her performance as Madam Arcati in Noel Cowards, "Blithe Spirit" has received nothing but raves.  She is sporting a red, braided "Princess Leia" hairdo, her performance was called a "tour de force" in uniformly rave reviews.  I love the opportunity to see great performers on the London stage.  Making a choice is challenging and this time, I hit it right.

Sorry no pictures for this one.  Should have taken my camera, though.  Piccadilly Circus is great at night.


  1. What a thrill to see Angela Landsbury live!

  2. It was, without a doubt. I have been fortunate to have been able to see Judi Dench and Imelda Staunton here in previous years. Theater in London is beyond compare.