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Monday, May 19, 2014

Like Here, Only Different ~ Day 6b Porthcurno to Lamorna

Porthcurno to Lamorna 5 miles;  Porthcurno, Tater Du Lighthouse, Lamora.

 I am staying at Trenergow Farmhouse


My room has a canopy bed!

This stretch of coast has a sub-tropical and it will not be unusual to see gardens with palms and other warm weather loving species.  The way, however is filled with ups, downs and many boulder scrambles.

Though only five or six miles, it is comprised of five headlands which must be climbed up then climbed down.  Up I don't mind so much, it is the irregular down which puts a ton of pressure on the knees.

This is the last day of fair weather.  Tomorrow it is guaranteed rain.  You can feel the humidity and the low clouds never burned off.

The view of the sea from my room window will not be filled with sunset tonight.

There are flat heath upland being managed for bird conservation.  The Gorse and other large shrubs have been trimmed down and a small herd of Dartmoor Ponies are in place to keep the area grazed.

Coming down from a headland you are usually treated with another climb.  Today one cove served as a landing for some fishermen.

Penberth Cove.

I thought that the catch would be crab or lobster since all along the way there were pots being tended.

I stopped to chat with a fisherman who was having his catch weighed.

Beautiful mackerel!

Just a little cove with some working buildings and a cottage.  Lovely

Some of the tops and edges had oak and maple woods.  Most of the way was high hedges and a lot of nettle.  Cropland comes right up to the edges.

Four and a half hours and I am at Lamorna Cove.  I decided dinner tonight might have to be a loose affair, so I had a bowl of crab and fish soup (wonderful with a touch of heat) and a nice salad.  Plus two massive hunks of homemade bread.  I tucked a bread away and bought a bottle of cider.

Cider, cheese, bread and apple for dinner.

It was a day filled with little things to enjoy.  The Tater Du Lighthouse.

Many singing birds including this Chaffinch.

The extra long 1 1/2 mile up the valley and across the plateau to the farm took me past the Lamorna Wink, a pub really in the middle of nowhere.  The little valley has been home to many artists but the Wink goes further back.  Obviously the fish and shellfish industry has long been part of these many coves, which we will see again tomorrow.  The Wink is closed tonight so I planned correctly for dinner.  The only option would be about 3 miles round trip walk.

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