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Friday, May 9, 2014

Like Here ~ Only Different ~ Day 5 Le Grand Luberon , Lourmarin to Buoux

Lourmarin to Buoux via Fort de Buoux 11 Km allow 4 1/2 hour Gain 750m descent 515m

A little breakfast in the sun.

A car transfer to Lourmarin starts the day.  It used to be that people taking this tour waked to Buoux but this option did not allow any time in the lovely town of Lourmarin.


The home and burial place of Albert Camus and today home of Peter Mayle whose books on Provence really catapulted this region into favor with ex-pats.  Lourmarin is another town that was home to a Waldensian sect and burned in 1545.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waldensian
 Today the town  is popular with film-makers and tourists.

Bonus, today is market day.  I rambled around, bought some sweet treats and olive wood for the kitchen.

Today's walk was short but it was a stiff climb up over Le Gran Leuberon.  Still hot and today there is a little wind.  The way started out through some vineyard s

and then a climb.  A series of rocky narrow trails.  I was happy to find some Pyramid Orchids

Once I gained the top it was a super steep and rocky trail down to a road leading to Fort de Buoux via the Combe des Cavaliers.

I could tell this side of the ridge has a different climate.  Trees are mossy and there are many plant types I associate with our woods at home.  

I  can feel a blister coming on.  I opted not to climb up into the fort.


Tonight I am staying at Auberge des Seguins.  A garden and pool await before dinner


I have been advised the restaurant is wonderful, I arrived hungry.


  1. Hi Marti! Good to 'see' you!
    Two different climates and only a ridge in between them.......so much to see and experience.
    How was the pool?

  2. Freezing water. The pools here do not appear to be heated. Good for soaking the feet.