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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Like Here, Only Different ~ Day 7b Lamorna to Penzance

Lamorna to Penzance 6 miles; Lamorna, Mousehole, Newlyn, Penzance, St Michaels Mount.  I stay at The Pendennis Guest House

My walk is done.

Today the weather turned.  After a great breakfast I put on my waterproof gear and my long sleeve shirt and headed out in the opposite direction.  The Merry Maidens stone circle is about 3/4 mile from the farm.  It is the only authentic ancient circle on the route.

This pair of finches (?) were happy to sing in the rain

 Todays walk started out up and down cliffs.  Nothing horrible but the wet made me extra carefull on the boulders and rocks.

The rustic trail ends at Mousehole. (say "mowzl")  This village, once an important fishing port now supports a thriving artists colony.  A huge cave outside the village is said to have inspired the name.  Dylan Thomas called Mousehole "the loveliest village in England".  Records of the village go back to 1266 and the current quay dates to 1390.  I have to agree, it was charming and tidy.

The town is filled with super narrow streets and little surprises around every corner.

I stopped for lunch at a pub and had to have a crab sandwich.  I also had the best cup of coffee since I left home.  There are tons of shops to look in and it was no practical to try to take anything away.

Newlyn it the next town and is another artists colony supporting many galleries.  The fishing port dates back to 1435.  Fishing boats were coming and going.  All along the front street were fishmongers and fishery related businesses.

This boat arriving had a huge flock of Gull's in tow.  That is St Michael's Mount in the background.

The long run-in to Penzance is along a waterfront bike path.  We are off the cliffs and at sea-level.

East of town is Marazion and it  is from there that one can visit St Michaels Mount, a 14th century Benedictine Priory.  Records of the island date back to 1st century BC where they show that tin was loaded to ships from here.  It is possible to walk to the island at low tide via a causeway.  When the tide is up there is a little shuttle boat.


Tomorrow it is the train back to London.  A few days to relax then one more wee adventure.

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